Frank Suarez English Book Collection

Frank Suarez English Book Collection

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Frank Suárez, the specialist in obesity and metabolism, is the author of the two best-selling books The Power of Metabolism and Problem-Free Diabetes. He has helped over 500,000 people lose weight and restore their metabolism worldwide. His books have been translated into German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese, making his powerful message of help and improvement reach more people around the globe. Frank Suárez is also the creator of the NaturalSlim®️  System, which operates in seven countries and where, with his Certified Metabolism Consultants, he helps thousands of people overcome the leading cause of overweight and obesity: slow metabolism. 


His search for the causes of slow metabolism, which is responsible for so many people's failures at permanent weight loss, led him to the scientific literature addressing the restoration of healthy metabolic function. That research led him to identify the factors that lower metabolism in people, such as sugar addiction, dehydration, yeast infections, digestive problems, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes control, and eating foods that negatively affect the nervous and hormonal systems of the body. 


This collection of books written by The Metabolism Specialist includes The Power of Your Metabolism, Ultra-Powerful Metabolism, and Problem-Free Diabetes.


The Power of your Metabolism Book by Frank Suarez

Learn to use your metabolism to lose weight and keep it off. By improving your slow metabolism, you'll be able to eat what you want and without feeling restricted and without the fear of gaining all that lost weight back.

This revolutionary book isolates the factors that force so many people to always be dieting but allows others to never gain weight no matter what they eat. With one simple system, the solutions, natural aids and techniques, you will learn to beat the “slow metabolism” problem once and for all.

This book provides the solutions and help for:

  • A slow metabolism
  • Weight problems
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism


WARNING: This is not a diet.

People who apply these techniques have lost 3 pound of fat per week. This is permanent weight loss. The yo-yo effect ends here. Once you fix your metabolism, you can stop worrying about the bounce-back that happens with every low calorie diet out there.

With this book you can understand why carbohydrates are addictive to some people, and why others consume all the carbohydrates they want and never gain a pound. Better yet, you will learn the techniques and habits of tens of thousands of people who have read this book, have lost the weight, and have kept it off!

Ultra Powerful Metabolism

Ultra Powerful Metabolism brings together the latest techniques and discoveries that help restore the metabolism. Metabolism is the source of the body's energy and the energy produced by the metabolism of your body's cells serves primarily to cause the movements that we call life and health. With this book, you will learn how to: know the factors that reduce your metabolism, improve your quality of sleep, achieve the dress size you want, discover those foods that don't let you lose your abdominal fat, unleash the power of your metabolism, and increase your energy.


Problem-Free Diabetes Book by Frank Suarez

Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism 

Practical recommendations for improving diabetes and its related conditions. Includes information on how candida albicans, a yeast, can affect diabetics, the 3x1 Diet® for diabetics, how to find aggressor foods that can spike up blood glucose levels, how to read tricky labels, the truth about cholesterol, what to do when blood glucose levels are resistive and won't go down, natural supplements that can help a diabetic, the sleep patterns that affect diabetes, foods that benefit a diabetic condition and more. This book has hundreds of pages on the subject of diabetes and what practical recommendations you can start applying immediately to improve your condition and get it under control. The intent of the book is to explain in simple terms what most medical or technical books detail in a confusing or incomprehensible way. It emphasizes the metabolism as the principle factor to address and improve in order to improve diabetes. The premise of the book is PRACTICALITY, things to DO and IMPLEMENT immediately to start seeing results and measuring more desirable glucose levels immediately.