Problem-Free Diabetes Book

Problem-Free Diabetes Book

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Book Diabetes Without Problems by Frank Suárez

Learn the steps to control diabetes with the help of the power of metabolism.

Practical recommendations that will allow you to improve diabetes and its related conditions. It includes information on the fungus candida albicans and how it can affect diabetes, the 3x1® Diet for diabetics, how to find aggressive foods that can raise your glucose levels, how to read misleading labels, the truth about cholesterol, what to do when blood sugar levels glucose resist lowering, natural supplements that can help a diabetic, sleep patterns that affect diabetes, foods that benefit the diabetic and more. This book contains hundreds of pages on the topic of diabetes and practical recommendations that you can immediately start applying to improve your condition and bring it under control. The purpose of this book is to explain in simple terms what most medical or technical books detail in a confusing or incomprehensible way. It emphasizes metabolism as the main factor to solve in order to improve diabetes. The premise of the book is PRACTICITY, things to DO and IMPLEMENT immediately to start seeing results and achieve more desirable glucose levels right away.


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