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Intestinal Deep Cleanse Kit
Intestinal Deep Cleanse Kit
Intestinal Deep Cleanse Kit
Intestinal Deep Cleanse Kit
Intestinal Deep Cleanse Kit

Intestinal Deep Cleanse Kit

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Includes Deep Intestinal Cleanse supplements and instructions:
(3) Good Flora
(2) Helpzymes
(1) Glucotein
1 Ultra Powerful Metabolism Book
Instructions for use:

FOR A DEEP INTESTINAL CLEANSING (LIP): The ratio in which they are combined is 2 capsules of GOOD FLORA accompanied by 2 capsules of HELPZYMES 3 times a day with meals. HELPZYMES enzymes manage to soften and loosen the crust that accumulates for years on the intestine wall, while GOOD FLORA good bacteria clean the intestine walls and improve absorption, while helping to detoxify the intestine.

The LIP program is continued until a sensation of efficient emptying of the excrement and total cleaning is experienced. From then on, 2 daily capsules of GOOD FLORA continue to be used as maintenance. Favorable changes may be noted in cellulite or orange peel skin in women.

GLUCOTEIN ™: It is a mixture of “resistant starch” flour from green bananas and green peas, which has a benefit for metabolism and digestive processes*.

Metabolism research shows that the resistant starch contained in GLUCOTEIN™ feeds the good bacteria in the large intestine, which increases the production of butyric acid by those good bacteria. This in turn can aid in fat loss and increased energy and even improves sleep quality as it has a calming effect on the excited nervous system.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: The recommended dose is one TABLESPOON once a day, mixed into the Metabolic Protein shake or green juice.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose or cure any health condition or disease.

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