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Kit Good Night's Sleep

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In the absence of restful sleep, goals such as losing weight, increasing energy, or regaining health are difficult. A person will have as good health and overall energy level as their sleep quality. The REPAIR SLEEP KIT includes the information on the metabolism that a person must know to enjoy a good quality of sleep, plus three natural supplements that will help them achieve this.




  1. MAGICMAG® - Magnesium is a calming mineral that produces muscle and nervous system relaxation, which facilitates deep and restful sleep. MAGICMAG® is magnesium powder that is used mixed with hot or cold water to prepare an organic flavored tea with raspberry and lemon. You will start with ½ teaspoon and should increase by ½ by ½ each day until you reach your correct dose.
  2. STRESS DEFENDER ™ - Helps combat the negative effects of stress on the body's nervous system, which in turn helps achieve restful sleep. The recommended doses are 2 capsules for breakfast and 2 capsules for lunch. If you have difficulty sleeping you can take 3 capsules 30 to 45 minutes before going to bed to help you fall asleep.
  3. PASSIVOIL ™ - Special blend of three essential oils that are spread on the skin or can be smelled to achieve a relaxing effect that calms the nervous system and helps you achieve a deep and restful sleep. PASSIVOIL works quickly.
  4. ULTRA POWERFUL METABOLISM BOOK - features the latest discoveries from specialist Frank Suárez to improve metabolism and health. The “SLEEP BETTER OR FAILURE” chapter of this book describes everything a person needs to know to enjoy restful sleep.


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It includes:

Magnesium MagicMag®
Stress Defender ™
The Power of Metabolism book (free)


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