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The Power of Your Metabolism - Vital Data


Chapter: A Huge Problem

It could be said that there is a large amount of information (knowledge, tips, techniques) that one should know in order to turn a “slow metabolism” into a faster one. This information can be classified in two types:

  • Relevant Information
  • Vital Information

  In every subject there are degrees of importance. For example, in the subject of having a successful marriage you must both be faithful to your spouse and also be good with the little details like remembering anniversary dates. But, in terms of the importance of each characteristic it is much more “vital” to be faithful than to be good at remembering anniversary dates. Remembering the anniversary date could be called “relevant information” because it has some importance and being faithful would certainly be part of the “vital information” to having a successful marriage. In this subject of the metabolism, the “relevant” information is the information about those things that have to do with your metabolism and with overcoming being overweight that have been proven useful in improving or protecting the metabolism.   In other words, “relevant” information is information like: how moderate exercise is beneficial in losing weight, the advantages of consuming white meats (chicken, turkey, fish) instead of red meats (beef, pork), the kinds of water that will increase the metabolism (tap water, distilled, spring, filtered, etc.) and many others which are discussed. Within the subject of the metabolism there is a lot of relevant information that people should know and the intent of this book is to explain all of it.  The relevant information is what we should know in order to help us increase the body’s metabolism.

  Now, the vital information is very important information and without it you will not be able to increase or recover your metabolism at all.  The vital information is the most important information to know about this subject and it is knowledge that if applied correctly guarantees that you will be successful and the lack of this knowledge guarantees your failure.  It is vital!

Throughout this book I will identify for you which information is classified as “vital”. The idea is to help you distinguish the relative importance between all of the factors that increase or decrease your metabolism.  It’s possible to succeed in increasing your metabolism even if you disregard some relevant information, but it is certain that you will fail in your attempt if you ignore any of the vital information.  Therefore, I will identify each subject that is vital as vital information, so that you can assign it the importance that it should have.

If the subject isn’t identified as vital information, you can consider it relevant information.  If the subject of the chapter is vital information it will be identified in this way at the beginning of the subject:

You can be successful in increasing your metabolism and losing weight even if you don’t apply some of the relevant information.  However, I guarantee you that you will fail in your efforts if you ignore any of the vital information.  In other words, everything can seem important, but not all of it has the same magnitude of importance when it comes to achieving your goal of recovering your metabolism and losing weight.  If you ignore the vital information you simply will not succeed.

Naturally, we each have a body that is different from everyone else.  You have your own unique body that no one else has.  There are different degrees of “slow metabolisms”.  There are metabolisms that are a little slow, there are those that are noticeably slow and those that are extremely slow, where the person practically feels like they gain weight “just from looking at food”.  Meanwhile, the slower a metabolism is, the more important it is to apply all of the relevant and vital information about the metabolism in order to succeed.  People that have an extremely slow metabolism will have to be more disciplined in applying all of the possible help factors to successfully overcome being overweight or obese.