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The Power of Your Metabolism - Personal Problem


Chapter: A Huge Problem


I’ve had problems with my weight since a very young age. I was always “chunky”. In high school I went to an all-boys military school and there, my classmates made fun of me because of my weight. They had a nickname for me that wasn’t very nice (printing the word is not allowed), that had to do with a part of my body. 

Because I was “chunky”, slow, and uncoordinated, I didn’t participate in any sports at my school. I got used to the idea of being a spectator.

The social life I remember from this time was full of rejection, including the rejection from the girls that danced with me just because I was a good dancer, even though I was big. Beyond getting them to dance with me, it was difficult to initiate a relationship. One way or another I felt like I was trapped in being fat and over the years I learned to accept it as something that was inevitable.

Luckily I was talented in music. I learned to play the saxophone and succeeded in getting the attention of some girls. Over time, I started a relationship, got married, had 4 children, and continued my professional life, but always feeling fatter than usual.

Some 25 years after I left college and began to work, I had kept on gaining weight little by little. Not only was I 40 pounds overweight, but also, my doctor, a personal friend of mine, warned me that my blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides were out of control. He also warned me that I was at the point of developing diabetes.

Such severe warnings from my friend and doctor made me react and I decided to do something about it; little did I know what awaited me.

I sought out professional help. I went on a diet of controlling calories and I lost 20 pounds, but I felt hungry all of the time because this diet was one of those in which I was always eating less than my body craved. Willpower was a vital element in bringing it to an end. Even though I had lost 20 pounds and only had 20 more to go to reach my goal, I eventually stopped following the diet because I had stalled at a certain weight plateau. Even though I was following the diet, I simply couldn’t lose any more weight. I was discouraged and stopped following it. In the next 3 months I gained back the 20 pounds that I had lost and an additional 10 or 12 more. In other words, I had rebounded back and forth like a yo-yo.

Some months later I decided to try a vegetarian diet and became a vegan. I lost weight, but again I got to the point where the weight loss was stagnant and I felt weak. Again I was discouraged and I stopped the diet. In a short amount of time I went back to gaining the lost weight, and then some.

Sometime after I made other attempts, including jogging, which made me lose a lot of weight, until one day I injured myself while running and had to give it up. The lost weight came back quite rapidly. 

My attempts in losing weight had turned into a constant torture. Even so, I kept on trying other diets and systems. One of the diets that I tried was the famous Atkins diet, a diet where you only eat meat and fat. On this diet I lost a lot of weight, 35 pounds, but one day I passed out and woke up in the emergency room. After that scare, something told me that a diet of just meat and fat couldn’t be healthy for me.

After the scare with the Atkins diet I decided that I had to have a better understanding of my metabolism. My desire to lose weight had turned almost into an obsession and I wasn’t ready to give up. I gave myself the task of studying the subject of the metabolism and everything related to nutrition, digestion, and any other topic that in some way could help me understand and solve my problem with obesity. The study of the subject of obesity became my hobby and my only topic of interest outside of my family and work.

I remember spending at least 8 years reading and researching EVERYTHING that I could find about diets, obesity, metabolism, the biology of the body, cells, digestion, and a thousand other related subjects. I spent many hours on the internet. I bought hundreds of books about dieting, nutrition, and the metabolism. I explored the medical aspects of obesity to see if there was some sickness that caused it. I studied many subjects, including some not normally considered to be related to obesity, in my search for clues to this problem.

The search for the causes and solutions to obesity became the main focus of my life. The subjects of obesity and metabolism were a true challenge for me. Each day after completing my work in my sales job, I devoted myself to what became my other job, reading and studying about obesity and metabolism. I took notes, I made files by subject, and I wrote my thoughts and conclusions. I did experiments with my body taking different supplements and natural herbs to see if I could find the ones that would make me “thin”.

PLittle by little and almost without realizing it, I was losing weight. I lost the extra 40 pounds that I had put on. At this point my lab tests came back normal. My blood  pressure was normal, as well as my triglycerides and cholesterol. Besides losing weight and getting my health back, I realized that acquiring the knowledge about so many subjects related to obesity had changed me. I started to see that “everything is connected with everything” in the human body. I learned that obesity couldn’t be overcome from just the limited perspective of food. Fasting or eating less doesn’t necessarily solve the problem of obesity. I found that there are multiple factors that decrease the metabolism and cause obesity. It’s not just the food factor, like a nutritionist might think. I discovered the METABOLISM.

My friends and acquaintances saw that I had lost a lot of weight and many of them were interested in asking me what I did to lose the weight. It occurred to me that I should write up a summary of my discoveries and every time someone asked me how I did it, I’d simply hand them the 7 page written summary so that they could try it. I thought that giving them the written summary with my recommendations for losing weight would solve the problem of having to explain everything that I had discovered. I was wrong. The written summary worked for them but it also opened up numerous other doubts with respect to their own weight loss, and they always ended up calling me to set up an appointment for a “personal consultation”. Perhaps this happened because the subjects of dieting and metabolism contain the most failures and disillusions in the world. The majority of people have failed in various attempts to lose weight. Therefore, they feel hopeful when they read something that offers them the opportunity to eliminate the thousand and one contradictions that they have read and heard about the subject, as well as the memories of their own failures in losing weight.

The field of obesity and metabolism is a controversial one; there are millions of different experts with certifications, My personal observation is that the general public ends up in a state of confusion of having so many expert opinions that contradict each other.
Some “experts” talk about calories while others say that obesity is a sickness and try to treat it with medications. Some claim that the only thing that works is physical exercise and others, that don’t have solutions, blame the entire problem of obesity on hereditary factors. Overall, clear solutions don’t exist.

By this time, the amount of people that called me to ask for my help kept on growing, since some of them had taken up the habit of making copies of my written recommendations and passing them along to their friends and family. Each day more people called me, people even called me from far away towns because somehow they had gotten a copy of my recommendations. Many of these individuals were already in a state of despair because they had tried everything and hadn’t found a solution to their obesity problem. Various people, especially women, were already affected emotionally by the constant failure of their diets, and the accusations and criticisms from those who, not understanding the subject of metabolism, accused them of overeating.

The constant calls and “personal consultations” made me realize that I had hit a real ruin. Obesity is an emotional topic full of failures, confusion, and incomplete information. I decided to create a company in order to dedicate myself to helping these people overcome their obesity. It was sort of crazy because I wasn’t a nutritionist or a doctor. I only had my knowledge and the successful results of those whom I consulted. I accepted it as a new challenge and created Natural Slim ( I called it Natural Slim™, “The weight lost that stays lost”, because my intention was to change the knowledge and lifestyle of the members of the system. Experience has shown me that the only thing that lasts forever is KNOWLEDGE. I decided that Natural Slim would be a knowledge center where thousands of people could educate themselves on the subject of obesity and metabolism. I bet that the knowledge would be of more value and more use in the long term than any supplement or frozen food. I also bet that the knowledge of the causes of obesity and its solutions would provoke a change in people, because, in knowing about these subjects, their conscience would get to them if they didn’t do it right. It was a real risk, but it turned out alright; Natural Slim™ became a success because it produces what is most desired: RESULTS.

In my own case, I had attained results that weren’t only reflected in my weight and my waistline. They were results that demonstrated a significant improvement in my health. I had given up being “fat”, tired, and weak to turn myself into someone thin and full of enthusiasm. I had recovered my metabolism and my health.

Some friends recommend that I not give out all of the information to the members of the Natural Slim™ system because if I did then they wouldn’t need us anymore. It’s logical to think that one who has learned their lessons in college will eventually stop needing to go to the classes. I resisted this idea to restrict the education of our members because I thought that the things that had been discovered, in reality, produced such amazing results that the same members of the system would recommend us to their family members and friends. Looking at the national statistics on obesity, which each year are rising, I realized that I wouldn’t be left without potential clients for a long time. I decided to give each member of Natural Slim™ a complete education about the metabolism, trusting in that, as they applied it, the positive results would attract other people who also wanted to lose weight and recover their metabolism. By luck, that is how it went. Natural Slim™ has more than 20,000 members and keeps on growing. It’s true: happy clients are the best advertising!

Now, Natural Slim™ is a complete system where the technology to recover the metabolism and energy of the body has been developed to an optimum point and it is almost impossible for a person to not be able to lose weight on the Natural Slim™ system. Today, dozens of doctors refer their patients to Natural Slim™ when they want them to lose weight in a natural way. Many of the doctors that recommend us have been members of the Natural Slim™ system and came to us motivated by the results that they saw in their patients.

I have to say that I don’t think any other job exists that provides as much satisfaction as my job as Executive Director of Natural Slim™. I constantly have the opportunity to see how the members of the Natural Slim™ system lose weight and improve their health so much that, in many cases they don’t need to use medications anymore. Nearly every week we see diabetics that don’t need to use insulin anymore and people who were very sick and weak that, today, have recovered their health entirely. My job at Natural Slim™ is one that is very gratifying and full of satisfaction in being able to help others.  

This book, The Power of Your Metabolism, is oriented toward all of those people that want to take control of their weight in a natural and healthy way. If you want to reduce your clothing size, this book will definitely help you. If you want to maintain your weight, here you will find the facts that will allow you to do so. But, in honor of the truth, I must say that for those of you who have experienced great difficulties in losing weight, it is possible that you require intensive and personalized help. Natural Slim™ specializes in offering help to the “difficult cases”. For example, in Natural Slim™ there are natural treatments against yeasts and parasites that you can’t provide in a book, and we have seen that some people can’t lose weight because their bodies are severely infected by parasitic organisms. Natural Slim™ offers natural hormonal help for those women whose irregular menstruation reflects their hormonal disorders. In some cases people don’t lose weight because they have digestive problems, and this is another area in which Natural Slim™ offers help. In addition, Natural Slim™ provides a follow up and personal motivation that ends up being vital for those people whose multiple failures have lowered their self-esteem and perseverance. When people have failed numerous times in trying to lose weight, it makes them give up a lot easier in any new attempt because their hopes have been shattered so many times; it’s human nature.

So, this book communicates some truths that produce noticeable benefits for those people that apply them. It doesn’t guarantee results because it wouldn’t be honest to guarantee results. There are people who have health conditions that cause difficulties in losing weight. What is guaranteed is that these truths have been applied by more than 20,000 people with excellent results, and at times, exceptional results for the majority.  

These topics, obesity and metabolism were a “personal problem” that I had; now they are my life and they fill me with the enormous satisfaction of having helped thousands of people to be free of the fat trap called “obesity”. There definitely isn’t anything more satisfying than helping others.