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The Power of Your Metabolism - Introduction


Chapter: A huge problem


The material reality of our body dictates inescapable guidelines of genetic and metabolic order.  It has been proven that throughout time human beings gradually adapt to changes in their metabolisms with respect to habits and diets influenced by culture.  Furthermore, our bodies need physical activity in order to function well and to regulate the energy balance that results in a healthy weight and physique.

Our beliefs about weight and our physical makeup has suffered a radical change in the last century; at the beginning of the past century it was understood that a body with high fat content was synonymous with good health and prosperity, while today it is understood that to be thin and in good shape or to have a body composition with a low fat content assures a healthy life safe from pathological processes and sickness.

As social beings, we develop and function within a model or socio-economic system that, in the last few decades, has increased the promotion and advertising of food products that contribute to the increase of fatty tissues in the body. The consequences of the said licentiousness have brought obesity to epidemic levels, as much in children as in adults. On the other hand, the promotion and marketing of quick remedies and supposed miracles to lose weight and decrease fatty tissue have also found their market in society.

As a plastic surgeon, I’m able to appreciate the magnitude of the dietetic metabolic problem that generally is accompanied by physical inactivity. What’s more is that the psychological effect of the perception of one’s self tends to decrease self-esteem and facilitates the development of apathy and depression that doesn’t allow leaving the trap of being overweight and obese. My patients, in search of improving their self-esteem, request cosmetic surgical procedures that at times they aren’t good candidates for, due to high content of fatty tissue in their bodies. Therefore, there is a need for a system that, while it controls the weight, it also decreases the fatty tissues and improves health in general. This system requires obtaining knowledge and an understanding of the nutrition process and diet routines—as much in quality, quantity, and frequency—so that you can achieve lasting, effective, healthy results.

Through his practice and investigative journey, Frank Suárez has achieved successful results for more than a decade through healthy nutritional education, motivation, and effective monitoring. This process of struggle and persistence has led to the publication of The Power of Your Metabolism, which offers us the opportunity of combining more than ten years of experience and effective practice of a dynamic and systematic method to achieve results in relation to being overweight or obese and optimizing our health through the understanding of our metabolism.

It is important to understand that there isn’t an easy or quick way out of weight or obesity problems. Therefore, the knowledge of our metabolism is a useful and necessary tool for a healthy and energetic life. Frank successfully integrates practical knowledge in this book that every person should possess.

Dr. Carlos Portocarrero
Plastic Surgeon