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What is Metabolism?

The problem

Lots of people have observed that they seem to gain weight too easily. In other words, that if they are not careful enough with their diets, their bodies accumulate fat and suddenly they can’t fit in their clothes.

On the other hand, most everybody knows one of those slim persons that will stay slim no matter what they eat. These are people that can eat all they want and they simply do not gain weight.

What is the metabolism?

“Metabolism” is defined as: " All the movements, changes and actions which your body does to convert food and nutrients into energy in order to survive."

The food and nutrients (vitamins, minerals, water) that we eat contain energy. But that energy is made available to the body through the metabolism.

  • It burns them and uses then as a fuel source converting them into usable ENERGY.
  • It uses them as an “emergency reservoir” and turns them into FAT.

Slow Metabolism

People that have a slow metabolism have a condition in which their bodies- instead of burning the food to convert it into energy- just keeps storing the food as fat. Thus, they gain weight too easily and have great difficulty losing weight.

Diets and even exercise programs do not give them good results.


There are various factors that cause a “slow metabolism”. These are factors as varied as:

A person can have one or several of these factors that is causing a “slow metabolism”.

  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • dehydration (too little water consumption or poor body hydration due to mineral deficiencies)
  • diabetes or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • constipation
  • excess consumption of refined carbohydrates (bread, flour, pasta, sugar, etc.)
  • excessive stress
  • candida yeast infections
  • poor  digestion
  • medicines that make you fat (i.e. antidepressants, diuretics for high blood pressure)
  • contraceptive pills or estrogen therapy
  • thyroid gland problems
  • asthma medications (inhaler pumps with cortisone)



After many years of scientific investigations, and after having worked with more than 15,000 people to help them lose weight, we started to discover, one by one, which were the factors that really helped and were effective in recovering the metabolism.

We all have different bodies. Yet, there are factors that are COMMON to all. These are factors that either increase or decrease the metabolism. If we are able to know these factors we can help the body to recover the metabolism. 

The RelaxSlim System™ offers several natural supplements that have been specially formulated to increase the metabolism. This is achieved without the need of stimulant substances like caffeine, ephedrine or mahuang. Stimulants, even though they might be of a natural origin, can negatively affect the body’s nervous system.

To improve or recover the metabolism it is important to HELP the body in its internal processes so that it starts converting food into usable ENERGY instead of creating additional FAT for storage.

In formulating the RelaxSlim System™ supplements we benefited from the input of the late Russian doctor Zakir Ramazanov who was an internationally recognized expert in “adaptogen” herbs.
The adaptogens are natural plants that have unique energy enhancing properties and were studied secretly by the Russian government from 1946 through 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved. The adaptogen herbs have names like Rhodiola Rosea, Rhododendron Caucasicum and Rhaponticum Carthamoides.

The RelaxSlim System™ represents a proven method to conquer the so called “slow metabolism”. This is so only because it is not offering “miracle pills” but a truly comprehensive system that takes into consideration all the important factors like: the correct diet, hydration, vitamins, digestion, hormonal balance and even the candida yeast infections that can lower the metabolism.



Adaptogens were a Russian secret well-kept until the year 1993 when the communist regime was dissolved. When the communist government fell, Russian scientists that were involved with the secret investigations on adaptogens began to migrate to other countries and they took with them the information about the properties of these wonderful natural substances.

There are only 11 herbs on earth that possess these adaptogenic properties. There are more than 3,700 classified herbs in existence; only 11 of these are adaptogens. These adaptogens are natural substances that help the body to adapt to conditions where there is internal or external stress on the body. They all have varied properties such as antidepressant, anti-stress, fat burning, muscle building, hormonal control, and they increase cellular energy. For many years, these properties were kept a secret by the Soviet communist government. These substances were given to their Olympic athletes to provide an advantage that could not be matched. The adaptogens were also used in the Russian aerospace program to provide more resistance for the astronauts.