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Frank Suarez Book Collection
Frank Suarez Book Collection
Frank Suarez Book Collection
Frank Suarez Book Collection
Frank Suarez Book Collection
Frank Suarez Book Collection
Frank Suarez Book Collection

Frank Suarez Book Collection

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Frank Suarez, a specialist in the topics of obesity and metabolism, is the author of the best-selling books The Power of Metabolism and Diabetes Without Problems, and has helped more than 500,000 people around the world lose weight and restore their metabolism. His books have been translated into German, Dutch, English, French, Italian and Portuguese, bringing his powerful message of help and improvement to more and more people around the world.

Frank Suarez is also the creator of the NaturalSlim® System, which operates in seven countries and where, with his Certified Metabolism Consultants, he helps thousands of people to overcome the main cause of overweight and obesity: slow metabolism.

His search for the causes of slow metabolism, which is responsible for the failures of so many people to lose weight permanently, led him to the scientific literature addressing the restoration of healthy metabolic function.

His research led to the identification of factors that slow metabolism in people, such as sugar addiction, dehydration, fungal infections, digestive problems, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes control, and foods that negatively affect the body's nervous and hormonal systems.

This collection of his books includes the books written by the Metabolism Specialist: The Power of Metabolism, The Power of Metabolism Recipes, Ultra Powerful Metabolism, Diabetes Without Problems (abridged version) and The Right to Male Sexuality.

The Power of Metabolism

With over 1 million copies sold worldwide, The Power of Metabolism records the techniques and factors that help recover metabolism, based on EXPERIENCE and OBSERVATIONS of what has worked for over 500,000 people. The techniques to lose weight naturally are described in this Best-Seller. Specialist Frank Suarez discusses a myriad of topics in this, his first book, including a diet you can live with, why fats are not to blame for obesity, the difference between weight loss and weight loss, foods that are sources of energy for the metabolism and the candida albicans fungus, among others. The book defines the causes and solutions to the problem of slow metabolism that has some people "dieting for life" while others are skinny "no matter what they eat". Therefore, it concludes that losing weight is not just about what you eat. In addition, Frank has included special recommendations for metabolism restoration for people with diabetes or hypothyroidism.

The Power of Metabolism Recipes

With the creation of his 3x1® Diet, Frank Suarez revolutionized the field of dieting, allowing people to lose weight and improve their metabolism and energy, without starving themselves and enjoying all kinds of foods. In this book, Frank presents delicious combinations of the 3x1® Diet and hundreds of delicious recipes that complement the Power of Metabolism lifestyle.

  • More than 200 delicious recipes for metabolism and every occasion
  • Combinations of the super-successful 3x1® Diet
  • Simple explanations of how to combine foods to improve your metabolism and lose weight.

Ultra Powerful Metabolism

The book Ultra Powerful Metabolism, published ten years after its predecessor The Power of Metabolism, contains all the advances in metabolism technology discovered and applied during that time by specialist Frank Suarez. In this, his fifth published book, Frank reveals the most advanced techniques for improving the body's metabolism and energy such as intermittent fasting. In addition, he teaches the reader how he can learn to discover the so-called "Aggressor Foods" that are affecting his metabolism in a hidden way.

Also in the book Ultra Powerful Metabolism, Frank explains in a simple way to the reader what things they can do to calm their nervous system and thus combat the harmful effects of stress. It is known that stress does not allow us to lose weight or enjoy good quality sleep, which is why some of us wake up tired. Likewise, this book contains the famous 3x1® Diet illustrated in color for better understanding and at the end of each chapter includes questions to the reader to improve comprehension. At the end of the book, these questions become a practical and personalized guide for the reader to follow so they can truly achieve an Ultra Powerful Metabolism, as well as their weight loss and metabolism restoration goals.

Diabetes Without Problems (Abridged Version)

Learn the steps to control diabetes naturally.

The book Diabetes Without Problems: Controlling Diabetes with the Help of the Power of Metabolism, is the third book published by metabolism and obesity specialist, Frank Suarez. After many years of research and successful applications with members of his NaturalSlim® System who also suffered from diabetes and in coordination with internists and researchers from the University of Puerto Rico and the University of the State of Coahuila in Mexico, Frank decided to make his discoveries on the subject available to the general public. So this book, Diabetes Sin Problemas, in its abridged version, includes practical recommendations that will enable you and your family to use the power of your metabolism to control diabetes.

The less a problem is understood, the more difficult it becomes to solve. For this reason, the goal is to help the person with diabetes and his or her family members understand the problem of diabetes. This book avoids the use of technical words, medical terms, or any other use of language that is not easy to understand. The purpose of this book is to help the reader, when they have diabetes or when they want to help a loved one with diabetes, to understand the information so that it will be useful in their daily lives. It is possible to live with Diabetes Without Problems and this book will help you discover how to do it.

The Right to Male Sexuality

In this, his second published work, obesity and metabolism specialist Frank Suarez explains in simple words how a deficiency in metabolism can affect male sexual capacity. So he offers the reader practical recommendations of what has worked to regain or improve male sexual capacity. Although this may be a taboo subject, it is important that it is handled especially because it is intimately related to the body's metabolism. In this book, the reader will find scientifically based advice that may open the door to a solution or improvement in a man's sexual function. You will also find that this information is very valuable for everyone, not just men, because the more knowledge you have, the better solutions can be found for couples who are going through this.

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