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Book Diabetes Without Problems Abridged Version by Frank Suarez - Learn the steps to control your diabetes naturalmente.

THE CONTROL OF THE DIABETES WITH THE HELP of the POWER OF THE METABOLISM. Practical recommendations that will allow you and your family use the power of your metabolism to control diabetes. You can live with Diabetes Without Problems... and this book will help you discover how to do it. Includes access to the video "Final Judgment: DIABETES" did you Know that... -will Never succeed in controlling glucose levels while your body remains infected by the fungus candida albicans. -85% of diabetics suffer from overweight or obesity. To lose weight diabetes can be controlled and this also reduces the dependence on prescription drugs, including insulin. -The loss of sight, kidney damage, diabetic neuropathy and other health complications that are entirely avoidable. -Sexual impotence in the diabetic man can prevent and, in many cases, can be reversed without drugs. -Learn how to restore the metabolism is much more powerful and effective than simply dieting. -Your quality of sleep determines the level of control that you achieve with your glucose levels. -Sick people are good business for those who sell drugs. "I am sure that during the reading of this book you will come into contact with some of the data or concepts that, besides being new, it may seem even strange or controversial. Trust me, as I've been researching in depth the topic of diabetes, I went through the same thing. There's a lot that has not been explained on the topic of diabetes. To make matters worse, much of what is written and published in the books about diabetes was written by doctors who used terms and technical words in medicine which, because of its complexity, it does not help the reader to understand the problem of diabetes. Logic tells me that the only way to solve a problem is to increase the KNOWLEDGE about it. The less you understand a problem the more difficult it will be to fix it. For this reason, my goal is to help the person with diabetes and their families to understand the problem of diabetes. In writing this book I did everything possible to avoid the use of technical words, medical terms or any other use of language that was not easy to understand. The purpose of this book is to help the reader, when you have diabetes or when you want to help a loved one who suffers from diabetes, to understand the information that will be useful to you in your life daily.


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