Good Flora™- Probiotics
Good Flora™- Probiotics
Good Flora™- Probiotics
Good Flora™- Probiotics

Good Flora™- Probiotics

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Good Flora™ is a high potency supplement in its content of probiotic organisms (good bacteria from the gut). It is important to maintain an intestinal flora in good condition since the intestinal flora contributes to better digestion and absorption of food*. The Good Flora™ bottle contains 60 capsules of 15 billion live probiotic organisms each.

The health of the intestinal flora is of vital importance to maintain the metabolism and the health of the body. When the natural intestinal flora has been reduced, pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms take advantage. The intestinal flora is made up of good bacteria that protect the body. So-called probiotic organisms can greatly improve the function of the intestine. its natural movement. plus the state of energy and health of the body.

It can be very beneficial to supplement the body with GOOD FLORA™ probiotic organisms. The GOOD FLORA™ supplement combines 7 types of select probiotics that help restore normal bowel function while cleaning the bowel walls and fighting putrifying fungi and bacteria (causing bad odors and inflammatory substances). Each capsule of GOOD FLORA™ contains 15 trillion (15 billion) good bacteria that help restore the internal environment.

GOOD FLORA™ can be used in three different ways, depending on each person's goals:
AS PART OF ANTI-CANDIDA TREATMENT: Follow the directions and recommended dosages of your anti-candida treatment and consult with your Metabolism Consultant.
TO ACTIVATE THE SECOND BRAIN: Combine GOOD FLORA™ with a daily scoop of GLUCOTEIN™ in your smoothie or green/vegetable juice using an initial "super load" dose of 15 capsules daily (5-5-5) for 4 days. a total of 60 capsules consumed in 4 days, thereafter continue to use 2 capsules daily of GOOD FLORA™ as maintenance.
FOR A DEEP INTESTINAL CLEANSING (LIP PROGRAM): The ratio in which they are combined is 2 GOOD FLORA™ capsules accompanied by 2 HELPZYMES™ capsules three times a day with meals. HELPZYMES™ enzymes manage to soften and loosen the crust that accumulates for years on the wall of the intestine. while the good bacteria GOOD FLORA cleanse the walls of the intestine and improve absorption. while helping to detoxify the intestine. The LIP program is continued until a sensation of efficient emptying of the excrement and total cleaning is experienced. Thereafter continue to use 2 GOOD FLORA™ capsules daily for maintenance. Favorable changes may be noted in cellulite or orange peel skin in women.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose or cure any health condition or disease.