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Kit Anti-Constipation
Kit Anti-Constipation
Kit Anti-Constipation
Kit Anti-Constipation
Kit Anti-Constipation
Kit Anti-Constipation
Kit Anti-Constipation

Kit Anti-Constipation

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Having irregular elimination and poor digestion seriously affect everything in our body. If you suffer from constipation, toxins accumulate and unpleasant reactions occur such as a bad smell in the whole body and breath, stomach gases, swelling, dull skin and problems losing weight, among others.

Many times the belly or abdominal fat that resists reduction, even when the person is doing constant exercises, is nothing more than the reflection of a congested intestine.

Ideally, you should go to the bathroom two to three times a day. When this does not happen, the walls of the intestine fill with a sticky layer that makes it difficult to absorb nutrients.

The ANTI-CONSTIPATION KIT is a group of natural aids and knowledge to promote good elimination, which improves the functioning of the entire body.


CONSTIPEND™ - is a natural supplement with olive leaf that decongests, repairs, cleanses and gives health to the intestine. 4 capsules are taken spread throughout the day to observe if with that dose a bowel movement is achieved that same day or the next day. If a bowel movement is not achieved, the next day the dose is increased to an additional capsule (4+1= 5 capsules) and so on for each day that passes without being able to go to the bathroom. If, on the other hand, a movement that is too soft (diarrhoea) is achieved with the initial 4 capsules, the dose is reduced by one capsule each new day (4-1 = 3 capsules) until a daily bowel movement is achieved that is not even very hard not very soft.

MAGICMAG® - Magnesium is a calming mineral that produces muscle relaxation and helps the heart to work without stress. It also helps in the effective absorption of calcium and helps manage constipation and insomnia problems.


MAGICMAG® is a tea with a delicious natural strawberry and lemon flavor, which can be drunk hot or cold, in the morning and at night. The daily dose is gradually increased from 1 teaspoon to your body's tolerable dose. When the dose is excessive for the body, the manifestation is diarrhea, which is resolved by reducing the daily dose.

GOOD FLORA™ - This is a probiotic or good bacteria supplement that has 15 billion good bacteria per capsule. The good bacteria repopulate the intestinal flora, help fight the candida fungus and clean the intestinal walls. The dose is 1 capsule with each meal. To activate the second brain and do a deep intestinal cleansing, 2 capsules are consumed with each meal.

HELPZYMES™ - This formulation provides a blend of powerful digestive enzymes that help the body efficiently absorb the nutrients contained in the foods we eat and improve metabolism. It includes pancreatin (to help break down fat in your body), a dose of hydrochloric acid, identical to what your stomach produces (to help you digest protein properly), among others.

This supplement will help improve your digestion, avoiding stomach or digestive gas problems, reflux and sleep after eating. 2 capsules are taken with each meal.

KADSORB™ - The mineral potassium is vital for weight loss as it eliminates excess acidity in the body, which creates a slow metabolism. When there is a potassium deficiency, the body retains salt and blood pressure can rise.

Other manifestations of potassium deficiency are: cramps, numbness, cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates. It is suggested that you take 2 capsules of KADSORB™ for every 25 pounds of your body weight.
For example: if you weigh 150 pounds the calculation would be: 150 pounds/25 = 6. So 6 x 2 = 12 capsules per day. You can divide the 12 capsules among the three meals. In this example you should take 4 capsules with each meal of the day.

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