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Lack of energy can make even the easiest, most everyday tasks torture. Without energy, it becomes very difficult to work, do household chores, exercise, play with children or even have the ability to enjoy the activities that we like the most. You can't even sleep well without energy. Having the abundant energy that our body needs is vital for all the processes of our metabolism, improving health and losing weight. The ABUNDANT ENERGY KIT is a group of natural aids and knowledge to promote the production of energy that is so vital to our body.


METABOLIC VITAMINS™ - METABOLIC VITAMINSTM vitamins are a super powerful formula of vitamins that boost the body's energy, improve metabolism, and speed up the weight loss process. People who wear them feel the difference, both in energy levels and clothing size. This vitamin and mineral formula is really powerful, so it should not be taken on an empty stomach. So it is recommended to use a daily envelope, preferably with lunch.

RELAXSLIM® - Lack of energy does not allow the body to properly handle stress attacks, which in turn affects metabolism. RELAXSLIM® is a special formula that contains Russian adaptogens that help control stress, reduce glucose levels, support the function of the thyroid gland, reduce the growth of the candida albicans fungus and produce stable energy, at the cellular level, throughout the body. 2 capsules are used with breakfast and 2 capsules with lunch.

COCO-10 PLUS™ is a blend of organic coconut oil with the supplement COQI0. This unique blend supports the function of the thyroid gland and helps detoxify the body. In addition, it allows more oxygen to enter the cells, which rapidly increases energy production and the speed of your metabolism. Start with 1/2 tablespoon and raise 1/2 tablespoon per week, up to a maximum of 4 tablespoons. People with an excited nervous system should consume up to a maximum of 1 tablespoon.

ULTRA POWERFUL METABOLISM BOOK - It has the latest discoveries from specialist Frank Suárez to increase energy, improve metabolism and health.


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