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Men's Aid Kit - Gentlemen
Men's Aid Kit - Gentlemen

Men's Aid Kit - Gentlemen

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  • (1) Testosterin - is a natural supplement containing the patented ingredient Testofen® that increases male testosterone production by 98%. Testosterone is a male hormone** that helps men build more muscle and at the same time reduces body fat, i.e., helps them lose weight. Men's testosterone production declines with age which increases body fat and reduces sexual ability. Testosterin™ increases physical strength and energy, helps build muscle, burns fat and enhances male sexuality***This supplement can only be consumed by men. *If you have prostate problems you should not consume this product.
  • (1) Somarenew - contains very special ingredients that, existing in a dynamic combination, prove to be extremely valuable in maximizing the body's metabolism, energy, detoxification and restorative capacity.
  • (1) MagicMag C - Magnesium is a calming mineral that produces muscle relaxation and helps the heart work without stress. It aids in effective calcium absorption, blood glucose leveling and even manages constipation and insomnia problems*.
  • (1) Kadsorb - eliminates excess acidity in the body, which creates a slow metabolism. When potassium deficiency exists, the body retains salt and can raise blood pressure.
  • (1) The Power of Metabolism - features the latest discoveries of specialist Frank Suarez to improve metabolism and health.

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