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Ultra Powerful Metabolism BOOK (Spanish Version)
Ultra Powerful Metabolism BOOK (Spanish Version)
Metabolismo Ultra Poderoso (Versión Español)

Ultra Powerful Metabolism BOOK (Spanish Version)

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Ultra Powerful Metabolism by Frank Suárez - Accelerates metabolism, intermittent fasting and much more ...

The new book ULTRA POWERFUL METABOLISM, by author and metabolism specialist Frank Suárez, can greatly benefit readers who want to improve their energy, health, or lose weight.

Frank Suárez is the author of the classic EL PODER DEL METABOLISMO and the book DIABETES SIN PROBLEMAS. In this new book, ULTRA POWERFUL METABOLISM, reveals the most advanced techniques to improve the metabolism and energy of the body such as intermittent fasting. In addition, it teaches the reader about how he can learn to discover the so-called “Aggressive Foods” that are secretly affecting his health. In the book ULTRA POWERFUL METABOLISM, Frank simply explains to the reader what he can do to calm his nervous system and thus combat the damaging effects of stress. It is known that stress does not allow us to lose weight or enjoy a good quality of sleep, which is why some of us wake up tired.

This is a modern technology book that allows the reader to have direct access from their cell phone to make use of an internet platform where they can prepare, with the help of the book, their own Personalized Program of steps to follow to enjoy a METABOLISM ULTRA POWERFUL.

Frank Suárez, author of the books The Power of Metabolism and Diabetes Without Problems, overcame his own obesity and has helped more than 100,000 people lose weight and control diabetes without excess medication.

He created the NaturalSlim System, which operates in seven countries and where, with his Certified Metabolism Consultants, helps thousands of people overcome the main cause of overweight and obesity: "slow metabolism".

Frank continues to research and continually shares his findings through his educational channel MetabolismoTV; where he has more than a thousand videos on the topics of metabolism and health. MetabolismoTV is seen by more than 5 million people every month, throughout the world.

With the creation of its 3x1 Diet, it has revolutionized the field of diets, allowing people to lose weight and improve their health and energy, without starving and enjoying all kinds of food. In this book, Frank presents delicious combinations of the 3x1 Diet and hundreds of delicious recipes, which complement the lifestyle of the Power of Metabolism.  


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