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NaturalSlim Personal Program™
NaturalSlim Personal Program™
NaturalSlim Personal Program™
NaturalSlim Personal Program™

NaturalSlim Personal Program™

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NaturalSlim® Personal Program (SPANISH)
Includes: Detox, Candiseptic Kit, Supplements for one month and Unlimited Consultations
The NaturalSlim® Personal Program is essential for those who wish to lose weight in a healthy way and with the best results, for this you must become a member of the NaturalSlim® PROGRAM.

The program consists of a series of steps:

Natural Detox - Detox to eliminate anxiety about eating sweets and fattening foods.
Candiseptic Kit - Candida Albicans Fungus Cleaning. Other supplements for metabolism.
Personal Program Guide with step by step details and information about your meals.
Access to "The Truth About Slow Metabolism" videos.
A tape of actual measurements.
Assistance from a Certified Metabolism Consultant to get you started in the program with a professional metabolism evaluation.
Consulting and assistance from a Certified Metabolism Consultant™, who will guide you through the process until you reach your goal.
The program includes:

Membership in the NaturalSlim® System for life.
Free weekly consultation with a Certified Metabolism Consultant™.
NaturalSlim™ Personal Program Guide.
Real Measurement Tape.
RelaxSlim™ supplement.
Metabolic Vitamins™.
Metabolic Protein™ Vanilla.
Metabolic Protein™ Chocolate.
Metabolic Protein™ Strawberry.
COCO-10 Plus™ Oil.
Stress Defender™.
Candiseptic Kit™.

The Power of Metabolism book.

4 reasons to join the NaturalSlim® PROGRAM:

1. You will have the help of a Certified Metabolism Consultant™ who will be in communication with you every week until you reach your goal.

2. With unlimited free consultations you can accelerate fat loss and improve your metabolism and energy level.

3. You will receive your manual of the NaturalSlim Personal Program Guide that explains each of the steps of the program and access to exclusive videos of the Program: “The Truth about Slow Metabolism”.

4. When you achieve your goal you receive a special gift and access to special promotions.
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WARNING: May cause skin redness, tingling, itching, and a burning sensation on sensitive skin. As with any other dietary supplement, consult your physician before consuming this product.