The Power of Metabolism Recipes
The Power of Metabolism Recipes
The Power of Metabolism Recipes

The Power of Metabolism Recipes

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Eat Tasty While Improving Your Metabolism and Losing Weight

• More than 200 delicious recipes for metabolism and for all occasions

• Combinations of the super successful Diet 3x1®

• Simple explanations of how to combine foods to improve your metabolism, lose weight and control diabetes. Contains links to Videos where Frank Suarez explains:

• What is metabolism

• Causes for a Slow Metabolism

• Your nervous system and metabolism

• The metabolism-boosting diet

Frank Suarez. Author of the books The Power of Metabolism and Diabetes Without Problems, he overcame his own obesity and has helped more than 100,000 people lose weight and control diabetes without excess medication.

He created the NaturalSlim System, which operates in seven countries and where, with his Certified Metabolism Consultants, he helps thousands of people overcome the main cause of overweight and obesity: “e| slow metabolism.

Frank continues to investigate and continually shares his discoveries through his educational channel MetabolismoTV; where it has more than a thousand videos with topics of metabolism and health. MetabolismoTV is viewed by more than 5 million people each month, throughout the world.

With the creation of his 3x1 Diet, he has revolutionized the field of diets, allowing people to lose weight and improve their health and energy, without going hungry and enjoying all kinds of food. In this book, Frank presents delicious combinations of the 3x1 Diet and hundreds of delicious recipes, which complement the lifestyle of the Power of Metabolism.


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