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The supplement SOMARENEW™ contains two ingredients that are very special that, by existing in a dynamic combination, turn out to be extremely valuable to enable the maximum metabolism, energy and the ability of detoxification and restoration of the body*.

The two special ingredients of SOMARENEW™ son:

FITOPLANCTON MARINE – are microalgae that contain all types of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, oil omega 3 and natural substances antiinflamatorias.

ÁCIDO FULVIC BLACK– is made up of micronutrients extremely absorbable that when ingested cause a reactivation of the metabolism and also a deep detoxification of the tissues of the cuerpo.

WHEN do YOU RECOMMEND SOMARENEW™? The best time to supplement with SOMARENEW™ is right after the treatment anticandida because it promotes the renewal of the cuerpo.

Advertencia and dosis: The SOMARENEW™ is a powerful “super food” that to be extremely absorbable activates the metabolism of all the cells of the body, which triggers a process of natural detoxification. So you must go slowly up your dose of capsules daily, while watching carefully for any reaction of detoxification that show your body. If the reaction of detoxification is too unpleasant to reduce, or avoid increasing the daily dose of capsules SOMARENEW™ to make it tolerable and to give an opportunity to your body to eliminate toxins. The highest dose recommended with 2 capsules with each meal (6 capsules maximum per day).





*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose or cure any health condition or enfermedad.

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